january 2017


30  january, 2017

the news spins around me; i am not a political leader;


28  january, 2017

between murmurs of 'Strawberry wine', and wondering what time i should wake her, i fold up the dark clouds on the horizon
and try to tuck them away
Holocaust tattoos on my feed bring me no solace, afford me no respite, from the doomsday clock's fateful watch
the honest depths that i tap into are dark
and cloudy

the classist debate and struggle to understand each other only serves to further the chasm
with every rebuttal, a pole in the soil
with every name calling, a resolve to be right
with every dollar earned and not earned
Venezuela didn't see it coming either
and i'm becoming afraid to even say it
but i must

this won't end well.
i fear it won't.

and i have feared nothing.

the  26th of january, 2017
some loudly ringing ears

these loudly ringing ears accompany me
in the silence while i wake
and sneeze

inside a twitter tube we watch the world unfold;
and i wake with a new anthem on my lips
                                                          keep quiet


the  25th of january, 2017

scary times indeed
shall i minimal-blog the destruction of a nation
until it overflows into my yard
shall i switch off the news
until the tides pass us by
shall i stand up and fight
for my friends to the south
their struggle is mine
or will be mine
if i don't

thursday the  18th of january, 2017

the right cheek is cleared of skin, careful, poots
did i want to be so alone
is the ultimate question

wednesday the  18th of january, 2017

the neighbors leave at seven in a snowstorm
nothing could posses me to be so motivated

tuesday the  17th of january

i come here
on a lonely day
to move the loneliness outside

to you

it is indeed january
we scrape the bottoms
licking the bottom
knowing it is the bottom


monday the
  16th of january

middle of january
ides of march

saturday the  14th of january

ash Cohen

gray gray
if you back up, things appear smaller


friday the  january 13th

gray gray
if you back up, things appear smaller
and clearer and in focus
and using your own moral compass becomes imperative
when work calls shit
and no amount of caffeine will improve the mood
just put your arms around any cohesive thoughts
import a photo which warms your mind
remember that which is stepwise,


wednesday  january 11

half a sandwich is a story in my mind
a story of waste, and wealth, and adolescence
of a life lived and one unlived and another to live
and as i toss it into the garbage, the story alights.

as naturally as i breathe, i tell stories,
if you are in my office for the first time
or returning from lunch with badly made poutine from the asian joint
whether you are on facebook, beside me on a bus, or waiting with me in line,
there's a story i have to tell, and from the deepest part of my amigdala or wherever
stories are born, i honestly have no idea why, but from the moment i awake until the
moment i return to sleep again, there is a story running through me
and it needs to be told

tuesday  january 10

dragging myself to and fro; i make emails go;
i try to take it slow;  and what do i have to show;
hurry up and wait
i'm not quite yet awake
Lydia chiussi does art make
and yes my joints they ache
a poem i might create
a step i dare to take
how much is left to fate
facebook can be a dark place
no shower i won't take
before i'm wide awake

monday  january 9

thirteen thoughts go through my head
before  my feet are out of bed
rounding up a life's events
and a snap from one-oh-one am

friday  january 6

it used to be amazing, typing on this digital cave
it used to be amazing, to sing maybe i'm amazed

thursday  january 5

it was a brain freeze kind of day, as it started and ended and just begun

wednesday january 4

i guess i have theories about everything
why do i care about project management for example
well that didn't take much thought
since it is the measurement and correction of getting back on track
and control is what i strive for
and the sooner one gets back on track
the more efficient one is and the sooner
one can move on
to more important things.

i've got no theories about 2017 however
aside from it being quite a large number
and odd.
no, no misgivings, no predictions, no predilections
it's a year, another year in a string of years,
i haven't spent much time on it
other than the past 3 days.

shall i continue calling out incorrect stock photos,
shall i begin saving some money for various projects
who knows.
shall i spend more time on the treadmill
shall i try to write more here, be more kind, separate myself, join myself, make a plan,
gain weight, lose weight, go broke, go for broke,