wednesday, hump day, once a week.

ten-twenty one occurs every day
while there are still people who don't believe the daily limit on the bank account i've had since 1978.

you cannot come to my home, my home, is a mess
my home is my home and it's a mess because we live
we live in our home, we move, we eat, we work, we play
you cannot come to my home, it is not your home
your rules are not our rules
your home is not our home

homeyou cannot come to my home, my home is a mess
in any five. minute span, three people who live here
interact with twenty different people
in almost twenty different countries
we move quickly from work, to play, to talk, to politics
we move from Instagram to Twitter to Discord to Moodle
we take deep breaths between deaths
our towels are wet
we send COVID updates to Rimouski;
we face-time with Switzerland
we avoid reality on HouseParty

you cannot come to my house, my house is alive
my house is alive with online orders; and online trolls
with piles of bread, and disappearing milk;
shrimp comes, shrimp goes, Korean knows
alive with food; alive with heat; alive with death

you cannot come to our house
our house is OUR home
not yours.

april 28
10:21 am
happy ten-twenty-one

april 27

one pm and many hours of staring
into screens with no life in them
all i seek is life really

april 26

what type are you,
now that you are gone,
will i ever know

if we had the energy and time we could open a Hungarian restaurant in your name: Ernie's
maybe in another life, another time.
you had many passions
all of which greet me as i wake up
in this less funny world
without you in it

we roamed the streets of El Segundo;
drinking tequila and singing songs
now you are gone and so is 34 Virginia Ave.
with the mormon's downstairs;
the religious Chicagoans across the hall
and the truck driver aspiring to be an actor

we roamed the streets of Stockholm;
in the winter you gave me a child;
from Gamla Stan to Konsum;
from Sodermalm to Copenhagen;
from the st eriksplan t-bana to budapest;

from Marbella;
to San Francisco;
to Mykonos;
we roamed.

many of you won't believe this:
but it was still, "you and me against the world"

april 24 2020


                                                   april 23