aug 31

people don't know

aug 29



aug 28

sensors who have hundreds of likes on social media
therefore they feel like they "own" it
they thrive it
they dive it

they drive it

however those of us who watch them
and analyze them

yeah yeah

like Colleen said,
you don't care
do you

aug 24

i have  a life
my  life is my  life
not yours
or theirs
it's mine

aug 15

if he would have done things for me, taken care of me, taken care of chloe, i might  have been willing to fight for his issues.

aug 14

how can i help
would be great to interact more often

send  text

nope, no answer


aug 13

hey, let's reconnect cause your ex died



better now than never before



aug 12

bold it out
duck it down
say it loud
no one knows

take a sip
close your mind
the past is gone
tomorrow's then

aug 11 payday
bills paid
bills not normal

  • Hydro up north 385
  • Fido travel 488
  • School tax up north 238
  • Visa 518
  • Fed taxes 2021 500
  • CL 100
  • birthday dinner 182
  • doggydoggydoggy 440
bills TO pay
  • QC taxes 714
  • tuxedo 209
  • car 232
  • Hotel 400
  • Gift 400

Total 4366 : 1 week of bills not including food, wifi, gas,

"my kids wouldn't have gone, they haven't seen her in forever"....

"so they don't want to see her?"


"well they don't have anything in common"

("well i don't have anything in common with them either")

aug 6

noisy city morning upstairs: let's re-arrange our furniture every week and drop shit all over your head

9;30 let's wake everyone up with ringing ears

aug  5


quiet city morning; i slept
with wine in my vine lol
itchy neck
drippy nose
hivey chin
scratchy scalp
Oyster Bay?

shitty coffee

aug. 2

8:37 am

i wake
and i hate;

i've been  there
you didn't care

you are there
i care
but you never changed

and i hate no nabob

so wait, i've figured something out ...

listening to
Gabriel Henrique I wanna run to you AGT

brings me back to such a positive time in my life
and makes me cry

aug. 1

9:23 am

august is here
winter is clear
climate is here

white rabbits, please hear me!!

today's MBTI question:

who repeats themselves
i do i know i do
but why is it annoying when others do
i guess if you cannot spell
i cannot smell

if the spelling is illogical it does not mean it's wrong

so why does it annoy me
being smart is annoying
right, ernie?