Nov. 25



i'm an aberrant woman in the world;
i'm an aberrant Canadian in Canada; 
i'm an aberrant Quebecer in Quebec; 
i'm an aberrant Montrealer in Montreal;
i'm an aberrant employee at my employer;
i'm an aberrant Project Manager among Project Managers;
i'm an aberrant daughter in my family;
i'm an aberrant wife; an aberrant thinker;
an aberrant ENTJ






Nov. 25



Imagine all of a sudden

Seeing your entire life

From someone elseís eyes















Nov. 14



Objectively, itís just a car;

Subjectively, itís a











Nov. 13



The lady upstairs drives a Mercedez Benz









Nov. 7


Donít it always seem to go, that you donít know what youíve got til itís gone


I wish this brain had something to say other than the same few sentences running around in circles

They are

The announcement of the moment of their comeuppance

Rings lightly in the back of my mind

As a harbinger of things to come





What does your brain consider order in the world?














Nov. 6












Nov. 5












Nov. 2


I guess it feels like a hundred years Iíve been typing into this thing

Itís a view to the world; my social life; and a place we all feel home