oct. 31



















oct. 29


I’ve been waiting for a warm October

Since before you were born;

The kind with green leaves

And flowers

That makes the winter seem short

Come spring



I’ve been waiting for a real friend

Since Cynthia left

The kind that needs me

To tell them the truth

About everything



And Stephanie wants to know what I’ll say once my mother is gone


Are there reasons I’m lonely

No one asks me for help

But I’d give it

If they would only ask…


















oct. 27


in the morning I require silence

I rarely get it

I require silence


I require silence and a hot mug of bitter Italian espresso;

I require silence and time alone for my brain to slowly reboot


Providing I’ve slept enough


















oct. 25


a magical book arrived;

no one on facebook cared

some enemies are on my side

there was only full on pulpy orange juice

I’m learning the value of Fe

Albeit hesitantly





The mep has never been blue;

He is blue


It’s 8:16 am

And crispy clean outside;


A tumultuous tummy and slanty eyes

Are propped up in bed

In a room that used to be blue

Deep inhales and exhales

To drive away nausea



















oct. 20


forty-nine degrees in the jet-streamed sunshine;

the heavy spoon rotates annoyingly with each sip from the school I did not choose mug;

my eyes dart from one number to another;

an irreconcilable itch distracts my nose;

following many waking nights with many waking numbers

the ringing in my ears lingers

but my shoulders are finally square,

my thoughts confirmed,

and my motives clear.


A bit of a fog has lifted

With absolutely no reason

Nothing has changed


Nothing at all

But me


















October 19

Feeding marines on the weekend



oct. 16


darky winter

darky night

darky colder

darky flght








oct. 15


I’m writing in silence with no ftp

Like someone has corked me;

And I can’t keep quiet, o no no no no


The morning was shifted after trampolining

Into the late night

And I scan the house for an ftp out of here

Sipping watery espresso from a large blue mug

Which came free with a 75 dollar donation to public television

Sometime in the 1990s.



Indeed I used to watch tv

Indeed I used to watch public American tv

Indeed I used to have lots of 75 dollars to give to them

For the sake of a large blue mug for watery espresso


Sometimes I’m ashamed

Sometimes I’m proud


What I did for love.











oct. 13


Friday the thirteenth let’s move out of funk

The man will be home soon

The pigs are clean and me too


A few more hours of clicktey clack

Sun shines

Fish swim





The swiss man is drunk in Dresden;






oct. 12


I am so angry

To have to be so very strong

For those

Who are so very weak












oct. 11


I have given myself away

To your service

The service of you

I’m a hard place and a rock

Crashing on your shore


The big screen fools me;

The cinematographer’s eyes are not the real world

Or are they








the mEp

1996 - 2017