august pandemic mep


july 31

the absence of words on this page is unrelated to a lack of words on my part.
it is largely related to the inability to speak my mind.
the only words i have are impossible to say

months of silence pass
as i scratch
and sip


even I, cannot read my own thoughts.

july 28
i guess working gives you something to do
even if there is nothing to do

july 27

when the summer closes in: the world closes in:
little poots jumped o


july 25 2020
10:06 am

when the summer closes in: the world closes in:
little poots jumped over here for salvation:
on a decision making day: moving intrusive thoughts:
and wondering how much pleasure life should actually have...

july 19 2020
8:40 am

the words i can say get smaller and smaller: evidenced here.
where is the world for me... the world where i can speak my mind:
and i run thru what i can say to who and to whom
and it becomes more complicated
every time
i try

july 8 2020



july 7 2020
8:40 am

it's a non woken body with a sore gut:
hours later this body works:
not sooner:
with cries of pain down the hall and in my intestines:

july 5 2020
outside. early.

take yourself out of yourself: you had convinced yourself where you came from:
but in fact with time, everything comes full circle:
full circle:
will i come full circle
my theory says i will.

no credible voices in america
leads to chaos of truth
mayhem amongst people on the same side

and yes. i do feel bad for being an asshat once in a while.
i was naive for a long long time. and much of it was your fault.

  time to make the donuts but it's sunday.

july 3 2020

 there is no where to speak; no where to complain; no secrets to be kept;
    there is a wide world ; and me ;

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july 2 2020

in the longer hours of the night
where my thoughts are long and thinning
i come up with patterns
which my day-self refuses to see
such as those three men, all kind and gentle,
after all these years, still liked me
still liked me
and now are all gone.

some people have to "make up" their life
because they don't really have one
or because
they are living someone else's ...