nov 23


vacation mode, ON
coffee mode, IN

thanksgiving is giving
a mini vacation of four nights
it's giving me coffee to bring on my trip
it's giving me ativan to get on a plane
it's giving me

let me say why i support Colleen Ballinger:
my brain is similar to hers.
not that i have ever groomed kids or done weird things with children,
but i am absolutely neurodivergent
so i am weird and i do weird things
that i don't know are weird.
because for me, they're not.

(look for photos soon)

nov 17


it's called Omission...

but today is about "dancing on my own"

nov 16


learning how to give a lying reply like " can you please re-schedule our meeting, we are still analyzing our requirements"
which is the truth
but the truth is also
"Can you please cancel our meeting series, as we have put the project on hold"


nov 13

8:10 am

i am not being beaten;
i am not in a war;
she is toxic but
i can tolerate it

and be the bigger person
to receive all this dough

i can quit when i can
and dump her in trash
as many others have done...

nov 11

good morning
    good morning
        good or bad morning
            good morning

winter is coming;
wars have come.

even on Zoom...

but you didn't start it

Nigel, and george and betty
and jamison and Olivia and Alex Plourde;

new friends have appearred
and i am not a suburbanite;

i made it to november;
all bills paid;
and i get more shit done than her