october a-rose

november 11

october 26
all alone

all alone 8:15pm

all alone

all alone

made a few friends on tiktok
keeps me going
got invited to a show tonight
be yourself
be myself

weird headache
but i did sleep
stiff neck
ringing ears inside the head

oct.. 25
sleep from 2AM - 7AM
ringing ears; head crushed; brain broken; eyes fixated

those of us who think non-stop
never stop thinking


so eventually we hate everything
everything hates us...

we don't sleep

and we lose.

so fuck you

oct. 12

many things you said you didn't like
but now you like alot of them

ok not all

this is YOUR life
these were your choices

and the rest of you
need to understand that our lives are not the same

oct. 4

tomorrow payday
account 0.00
5,723 dollars
  • gone
  • boom
  • zing
  • poof

14 days.....