October 30 2016

ignorance is bliss.
 oh, keep us all ignorant, dear lord, in this mid-summer night's dream.
we think too much; we have too much time; i wish the butter needed churning;
staying alive is such a great purpose for this life.


October 28th 2016

my bones and flesh wake
ringing ears and sweaty palms
again a day swoops by me
without me

moving my mind and body
from here to there
re-warmed coffee nauseates me

i hope i got that clear
the loudest thing is in my ears
and the last thing i want
is to leave here.

October 27th 2016

sored bones carry a frame from desk to sink;
thoughts on either side of my brain
clamoring about
to form a single thought;
this is the only goal;
a single thought;
simplicity of mind;
a connectedness
to us all.

thoughts or not,

October  26 2016

fonts are hard with a virus
i've been away
but not.
i am here with a different voice
waking up is not the same without me
RAM needs to be working and original
to get a Macbook pro fixed
so i type into a broken machine;
broken physically  and figuratively and logically 
biding my time while an exe keeps it broken
and until a decision is taken
to spend another thousand dollars
which is only piles of tens. 
and forty two chocolate bars 
no longer costs twenty one dollars

Universal Truths




For me, this past week's theme has been a lofty one. It's been, in some way, all about goals, and I didn't realize that was the concept which tied everything together. I've talked about Life Goals, Common Goals in relationships, Mothering Goals, my own Psychological Goals, and the sharing of common goals with those around you.

What even IS a Goal? For some of us, getting a hot cup of coffee in the morning is a goal in itself. For others, we won't stop until we see the face of God or whichever divinity we bow to.

Do our goals change? And, are we even aware when they change? Do marriages with shared goals really last longest? Do long term married people discuss their shared goals and their progress along the way? Do they build checks and balances to ensure they are still on the same path? Is ignoring a small difference in goals a certain cause for potential failure, or does nature build in a system of corrections, like poorly copied nucleotides in the DNA repair process? Did you even know such a system exists? It indeed does, our own DNA can repair errors while encoding proteins for our survival.

Is there a reason we have to keep re-learning things?
It's like we keep re-learning things new a new lens.
My Goal is now to ensure that she does not have to be RE-learning at 51, things she learned this week at 14.
There's got to be more.