Sept 28
  1. i asked for gas, he did not put gas, i have to do it
  2. he said he would buy the furnace coroller on tuesday, it's thursday, he has not bought it yet
  3. he sent me the store link and I WENT but they do not have it.
  4. I've planned an entire firepit weekend up north so that the furnace can run so i can list the place for rent and if we do not have the controller, i will not go up north and the rental will be delayed

sept 25
7::19 am

ringing ears, warm coffee, but i'm up
the ringing is loud;
it's making my  head spin;

my thoughts are going a bit wild;
should i delete what i wrote below
it was not unkind;
it was they, who were;

"I had a BBQ"
"who is that?"

"my friend?"

so here's how it works.
don't assume you know my life.
it's mine.

sept 18

sept 17

9:06 am

retrograde ended on the 14th; but it takes a while to rub off....

screen time on my laptop showed up
to remind me
there's stuff you don't know also, little poots

slept ok;
party day;
pray pray pray;
that she's okay....

Anna, Hannah, Chloe
July 25, 2015

sept 15

friday               10:17 am

freeday (one meeting)
sleepday (slept all night)

pay-day (timesheet submission day)
Pray-day (hannah)

cool day (16)
tool day (light fixture, patio door handle)

why day
Hi day

what i do in this house

sept 14

winter is coming
2024 is coming

stiff back and ringing ears; but trying to focus on other things;
ears less  loud; coffee strong;
grateful grateful;

1,000 dollars used to be a shit ton of money for all of us
now, it's not enough to go to Toronto for the weekend

time to poop 8:25am

prayers for Hannah please, she will  make it

sept 11


I willl visit your Memorial soon

sept 7

no one's ever gonna read this


i have bad news

sept 5

no one's ever gonna read this
but as i listen to the woman upstairs drop shit on my  head all morning and night
it reminds me of why ernie hated everyone

she always mentions him not being over his daughter's death
kinda makes me wonder if she understands grief;
yet also
reminds me
how none of them understand anyone else
or never have deep conversations

sept 2

some people claim that there's a woman to blame
but i  know
it's my own damn fault