december zoomed in
zoom zoom zoom

november 26 2019
2:41 pm

for over a year, we all sat in meetings
doing nothing
but waiting for RP to deliver
when he knew he would just deliver when he was done other things
yet we waited
and we met
and we got paid

november 18 2019
9:48 am

workweek again with no work
if i get twenty errors trying to fill out your online form
i might not want to work for you.

  • Work cooperatively with a wide range of personalities
  • Collaborate easily with co-workers and work well independently
  • Ability to elicit confidence and build rapport
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, intense environment smoothly
  • Excellent ability to adapt to difficult situations
  • Resourceful in maximizing resources
  • Perform effectively despite sudden deadlines and changing priorities
  • Proven ability to identify, analyze, and solve problems
  • Excellent leadership skills and training
  • Hire, train and supervise a high-functioning team 
  • Versatile and multi-skilled person
  • In-depth knowledge of tax-compliance products 
  • Strong skills in organizing workflow, ideas, materials, people
  • Time and project management
  • Detail oriented


november 14 2019
9:03 am

oh yes it's a sleepy house none of us were made for early.
burning eyes from waking at 5 am,  several layers of skin later

mid november
wasting time
but trying to be useful at least


november 13 2019

i don't like boasting but in this case i will make exception.
i spent about 40 minutes preparing for these 3, 7 hour long courses.
i had never really taught an official class before.

feedback two



November 12 2019

11;26 am

an empty house, but me.
a world full of snow, and me.

glistening snowflakes pass by the november leaves
and more snow nostalgia reigns supreme;
i am 15, on a choir ski trip: it's dark outside the Grace's
a large three story house, with leaking floors, and now burned down.
the snowflakes dazzled under the moonlit sky; and the banks of them served as acoustic sound absorbers
for the world

November 11 2019
8:32 am

what does the first crisp snow remind you of?
assuming snow goes back far in your life,
snow is a very sentimental thing
for those of us whose lives were marked with seasons
snow can bring us back to sitting on Ms.Langtang's lap
or walking to Kevin jordan's house in a pigskin coat

my theories always come back to center
whether center is right, who knows
but things bounce to the left
they bounce to the right
and then left again
on average

do they hate me
do they love me
in truth it's neither

they don't actually care

November 10 2019
9:36 am

money, money, money,
going out the door.
no matter how much i focus on this budget;
money still sweeps itself out the door:
if it's not the pig food at $64,
or the school fee at $164 that i was not aware of,
or an oil change $201 or installing winter tires $87
(never mind the tires themselves $922
then it's Christmas shopping $356 and Christmas mailing $81
and lawyer bills $500.
and this is all in the last 72 hours
with no job.

bored but not awake
one more inch to make


November 7 2019
6:57 am

as darkness falls upon the northern hemisphere, the coffee becomes more sacred,
the early morning preparations seem more ritualistic in the dark
as the 9 dollar device sputs it's final poof of steam, i reach for the cream
and i get the gift of morning silence, morning peace,
but for the humming of the icebox, my sneezes, and the ringing in my ears.

yesterday's dusting left powdery whiteness on the evergreens, and on the grass which got the least sun
between the stillness, the crispness, and the pale blue forming beyond the tops of trees,
i can already call this an LA-Stockholm morning;
those early mornings which embody a combination of the fall dampness of Stockholm in November,
and the hint of jet fuel in the air that lingers from the early morning takeoffs from runway 10/28.


November 6 2019

in the corner with darting eyes and a sanded table
i sit to sip fresh but stale coffee
and avoid looking up.
the electric heater clicks on.
winter is coming.

there's not a ton of solace but there's some
there's not a ton of energy but there's enough
to spare a few moments here
and take stock.

stock of the lonliness; that which we all know;
of our vast differences; and the guilt i feel;
of my agency: or lack,  thereof
and the assumptions, oh, the assumptions that the educated make

i guess i am no longer educated
the more i learn that i do not know
but those who do, are not always right

donald hoffman for example


lynn says i can fix things


this guy starts off interesting then loses me

November 5 2019

bored and boring
is nice for a change.

i had a story to tell you about neoliberalism, as told by a German raised English Professor at a French University in Quebec

4 2019

yes monday
what can i trust today...



November 3 2019

this throbbing head will not be my demise today
i have determined that it will not win me
in spite of aching legs and a racing mind;
a mind with flashbacks to visions of evil dreams
interspersed with  moments of pure joy and hope
which will all pass one day

these ringing ears will not be my demise today
i have determined that they will not beat me
although i concentrate to drown them out;
and turn my head to change the tone;
more caffeine
will eventually


november 2

it is a certitude for me now,
they did not know you:
they never did:
and they never will.
and one day,
i will say it.


november 2019

a tweet here, a tweet there,

i just want to have the time